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How Much SSD Storage Do You Need?

We all know that previous generation of storage drives, well-known HDD or hard drives were more than just affordable and available in different sizes, including modules with an extreme amount of capacity. Back then, users were able to get as big hard drive as they could. Of course, the advantages are obvious. Even today, finding a computer with a hard drive with a capacity of 500GB is rare, because most users need and use 1TB of storage space. But, nowadays SSD is the storage space type that matters and the situation is different. Once again, the more the merrier, but the price of SSD drives is something that is known as a game changer.

SSD is expensive and those modules with a capacity of 500GB or more can cost almost as much as the entire average computer! This means that most users will need to find a balance between capacity and the cost. So, the real question is how much of SSD storage you need? The answer is more than just complicated.


Basic requirements

This title refers to the requirements a computer has. For example, Windows 10 requires 16GB of space, meaning that having an SSD of 32GB capacity isn’t even an option. Furthermore, a computer will use that space to install updates, to store related data and etc. therefore far more than 16GB will be occupied by the computer itself.

If we add that a computer will install software on the same location, or on the same drive, the free space will be reduced significantly. Keep in mind that Windows has files which are 1GB or bigger and used as system files. Yes, you can remove them, but they will be generated again, after some period of time. In addition, a computer needs 1/3 of the storage free, in order to operate properly. Once this size is reduced, the computer will run slower, which isn’t something you will want.

All of this means that an SSD with a capacity under 128GB is almost useless. You won’t have a lot of space which is actually free. Add a few software and personal files, and your storage will be full or will start affecting the laptop.

On the other hand, not all users need too much space. In order to explain the matter, we will reveal how much SSD space different types of users actually need. There are several different types, and each one will need a different size of SSD.


Internet users: 128GB

These are users who will use a computer for internet only. Basically, they will browse the web, send emails and that’s it. You can notice them due to the fact all of them use notebooks or low-end laptops. In general, they don’t need fast and expensive computers, simply because they won’t use all that power.

If you are one of them, 128GB SSD is perfectly fine. Chances are high that you already use a notebook with an SSD of 128GB, so you don’t need to replace it. Notebooks usually don’t have space for an additional SSD inside, so the only alternative is to replace the one you have or to use an external SSD.

A Chromium OS is highly desirable in this case. It is lightweight, fast and reliable operating system which is developed specifically for internet-related usages. Because it requires less storage space than Windows, it is more than just ideal for this purpose.

There are two, sub-types of internet users. Those who use it at home and those who use it while on the go, but both of them will be perfectly satisfied with 128GB of storage space.

Home users: 256GB

Home users are a bit more demanding. They will also use a computer for internet and emails, but with the addition of movies, music listening, some, minor games and etc. Obviously, they need more storage space, so 256GB is sufficient, while 128GB is usually low. Keep in mind that a single movie will occupy 2-3GB!

These users prefer mid-range laptops or computers in general. Chromium isn’t so great, but it may be desirable in this case scenario. Windows is more than just common and it is developed for home users, actually. Don’t forget that this operating system will require 30GB of space in order to work properly, so a larger SSD is highly desirable.

Because home users will use a computer at home, most of the time, a desktop computer is a more desirable option. It is more affordable than a laptop, so it will leave room for investing in bigger SSD. Storage space, especially SSD is one of the most important components of a computer.

There are several sub-types of users in this category, but all of them will require 256GB. Anyway, we will still mention them.

  • Flasher- A user who plays flash games, usually on the internet or downloaded on the computer.
  • eWriter- A user who writes web content or blogs. They require computers will less storage space.
  • Leecher- The one who downloads and sells software and other virtual properties. And yes, they may need more than 256GB of storage space.
  • Broadcaster- These users will create tutorials, videos, music and share them with the rest of the world.


Business users: 512GB

SSD for gamingHere we can divide the users into two main categories. The first one consists of users who will use a computer for their business, such as accounting or etc. They will need 512GB of SSD simply due to the fact they will constantly need more and more space.  Less than this is possible, but keep in mind that you will need an upgrade any time soon.

Other groups of business users are those who work through their computers, like programmers and coders (no, they are not the same). A coder will write codes which will have some function. A programmer will create GUI programs and improve the overall experience a program has to offer. Both of them do need 512GB of space.

Basically, in this case, scenario, you will use your computer for monetary gain and for business. Because files and applications are getting bigger and bigger as we speak, more space is always a smart decision to make. Then, you don’t want to have a slow computer which is almost useless, due to low amount of free space. All of this means that an SSD with a bigger capacity is desirable or better said mandatory.

Computer Graphics Users: 512GB

All graphics users need more storage space than other types of users, but not too much. The size of most files they work with is less than 1GB, so they won’t have a requirement to store a massive amount of data on their SSD. In addition, most of these users can use a hybrid configuration which consists of using SSD as a boot drive and an HDD storage only. Sadly, this will provide a bit slower performances, but it is the most affordable option to get all the storage space you need.

The same applies for those who will use a computer for video editing. They also need around 512GB but in this situation, more is desirable. The reason is simple if we know that some video files may be as big as a few GBs!

So, if you are a member of graphics users, you will need 512GB, period. Less than that is possible, but don’t expect some impressive performances or possibilities a computer may offer.

Gamers: 1TB

All gamers need as much space as possible. Keep in mind that an average game will need 20-30GB of space, so 128GB SSD isn’t something you are going to use. But, there are some variations as well. Those who play less demanding games need less space. The same applies to those who play online-based games. Yes, they still need space, but less than classical games.

You may be tempted to use HDD, but keep in mind that you must have an extremely powerful configuration in order to get the best performances. On the other hand, SSD will speed up your computer 10 times, so you will be able to run more demanding games with the same processor and RAM than in the first case scenario.

Overall, 1TB of SSD is more than just needed and probably ideal for all gamers. Those who are on a budget, 256GB is sufficient, but only if you play a game or two. Most gamers play up to 5 games, so 512GB is much better.


As you can see, SSD storage space need varies significantly and it depends on the type of a user. Not all users will need a high amount of space, but most will. Basically, if you are an internet user only, you can get the smallest SSD. Anything else and you will need higher capacity. Except for gamers, who are mandatory to purchase SSDs with large capacity. After all, each part of the game must be available, something SSD offers perfectly. Think of SSD as a way to speed up and improve your computer in a few easy steps.

Picking the right headphones can be a really tricky task as we are all used to a kind of pair and don’t like to drift away from them much. Therefore, shifting from in-ears took over-ear headphones or even on-ear to over-ear headphones can seem like a major change.

Over-ear headphones are the most comfortable range of headphones that provide the maximum noise isolation of the lot. Over-ear headphones would be great if you’re looking to switch and here is everything you need to know about them.



What are over-ear headphones?


right headphonesOver-ear headphones are the ones that come with large ear cups that cover the whole ear and have a thick headband to support those huge ear cups. They bulky in nature as compared to earbuds, in-ear headphones, and even on-ear headphones.

Because of their huge size, they sit quite comfortably on the ears and can be worn for long hours. Since they encompass the ears, the noise isolation provided by the over-ear headphones is more than any other kind.


What are the advantages of the over-ear headphones?




Following are some of the best features of the over-ear headphones.

Comfort: Over-ear headphones come with large ear cups that come with soft foam that rests comfortably on the ear. Unlike the in-ears, they don’t hurt or damage the inside of the ear. Over-ears are regarded as the most comfortable of all headphones and thus, can be worn for a longer period of time. Therefore, many audio technicians and musicians make use of over-ear headphones while mixing.


Noise Isolation: Noise isolation is the strongest suit of an over-ear headphone. Since they cover the whole ear, it is difficult for an external to surpass and disturb you. The over-ear headphones provide one the studio-like experience, where you’re unable to hear any other sound except the one in your headphones. Most gamers, therefore, prefer over-ear headphones to avoid any kind of disturbance.


Sound Quality: Over-ear headphones usually offer a great sound quality because of their size and the isolation they offer. Many of the headphones made for professional use are over-ear headphones and thus, produce the high-quality sound one needs. Some of the over-ear headphones include DJ headphones, which include one ear cup but offers a high-quality sound.



You can love it for a good many other reasons too, including sound quality and the make. Bose QC series, for instance, have over-ear headphones that are a favorite of many. While audiophiles may not be particularly fond of it as it helps make music sound better than it originally is, if you are just looking for some great music with Bose’s patented noise isolating technology, it’s as good a bet as any.

Best Over-the-Ear Headphones


What are the disadvantages of over-ear headphones?




Despite their qualities, over-ear headphones do have some issues as well:


Bulky: The large ear cups on the side of the headphones are supported by a thick headband which may feel bulky on the head of an individual. The headband, thus, must have proper cushioning if one needs to use the headphones for longer durations.


Not portable: Unlike the in-ear headphones or earbuds, the over-ear headphones are not portable. Since they are quite large in size, it gets difficult to carry them in a small bag. If portability is your concern, you can opt for slightly smaller on-ear headphones.



Who uses over ear headphones?


Sennheiser Momentum

Over-ear headphones have a ton of uses, but are especially used by a lot of professionals due to the comfort and isolation they provide:

Gamers: Gamers value isolation of the noise more than anything to be able to concentrate on their game. Thus, they rely highly on the over-ear headphones. Gamers usually opt for the over-ear headphones that not only provide the isolation but can also minimize any leakage of the sound and help them communicate with the other players as well.


Musicians: Musicians value comfort along with great sound quality for their headphones. They opt for over-ear headphones that can be worn for longer durations and offer deep notes of the sound to allow them to hear their music clearly. Apart from that, they also opt for noise isolation and want a studio like an experience. Thus, they usually go for semi-open over-ear headphones.


DJs: DJs, on most occasions, use only one end of their headphones. Thus, many headphones are designed especially for their use that have only one ear cup. They are usually over ears because of the comfort they provide. It is also because they block the noise from the crowd well and allow them to be able to mix their music while paying attention to the crowd’s needs.



You would also love to use them if you are on travel, and want to shut out the noise from the outer world. Flight travelers, for instance, would love using one of these. They are light, and they can get the job done of keeping the outside noise well out. That being said, you do need to get hold of the right one – you wouldn’t want one that is uncomfortable to your ears since you would be wearing them of a good few hours while you are on the flight.


pair of over-ear headphones

Should You Go For It?



Over-ear headphones may not be portable enough and do lie on the bulkier side of the headphone spectrum but offer the most comfort of them all. Thus, if you’re looking for a headphone that gives you a deep sound experience and is comfortable to wear for long hours, you should opt for an over-ear headphone.


Take the right pick, and we are sure you will not be disappointed.

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