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Ever since their introduction, over-ear headphones have changed the game of music industry. Not only they provide enough comfort to be worn for long hours but also offer a sound quality as good as that of in-ears to be worked upon.

The headphones are some of the most favorite ones used by gamers and musicians alike and thus, have a wide ended cost range. They can go from the price of two candy bars to that of jewelry in two seconds. If you’re looking to find yourself the perfect pair of over-ear headphones, here’s everything you need to know about them.


Type of headphones: Which One’s For You?


Both wireless and wired headphones are able to serve many purposes and fall under following types:


Closed-end headphones: The closed end headphones are most commonly found and used over-ear headphones. The back of the ear cups of these headphones is covered so that the inner working isn’t visible to anyone. These headphones usually offer great noise cancellation and do not leak any sound that is in the headphone. A person can listen to them in the inside as well as the outside environment. However, they do not offer the clarity of the sound and natural voice as much as the open end headphones do. The closed end headphones are great for public usage and therefore, are preferred as much as the other kinds of in-ears and earbuds.


Open end headphones: Open end headphones are usually covered with a net in the back of their ear cups so that the inside of the headphones are visible. These headphones are especially used by musicians as they provide the clearest and natural sound and therefore, are perfect for studio environments and mixing sounds. However, they do not provide the isolation one needs as the sound might seep into the headphones, as well as leak outside the headphones. Therefore, they are best suited to be used in enclosed environments.


Semi-open end headphones: Semi-open end headphones are especially sought after by professionals who want the best qualities of an open end and closed end headphones in one pack. Semi-open headphones usually have a small opening in the back of their ear cups and thus, are able to provide the isolation one needs while working on something. It also prevents any leakage of the sound and thus, doesn’t disturb the individual sitting next to them. These headphones are mostly employed by audio technicians who want to work long hours and have clarity of the sound but also don’t want any leakage.

Wireless Headphones


Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones, another own, can either be in-ear or over-year. Both are popular, and you would love to own them. We will take a look at what works for these.

The over-ear headphones have large ear cups that encompass the ears. They are surrounded by soft cushioning to make the listening experience a lot more comfortable and exclusive. The thick headband on the top makes the over-ear headphones quite sturdy to use and long lasting as well.

The headphones, due to their large size and coverage make for good noise cancellation and are able to perform well in professional studio environments. Professionals who swear by over-ear headphones are audio technicians, gamers, musicians, and people who work in office environments.


In-Ear Headphones

These headphones are what you need if you are looking to listen to music while you are jogging, doing sports or exercising. It is also a good choice if you find over-year headphones a bit too flashy or a little uncomfortable. In-ear wireless headphones though have a bit of a problem – they can easily get out of your ear, and if yo uare connecting it with Bluetooth, there could be connection problems at times, especially if you are choosing one from the lower price range.



Wired Headphones

Wired headphones have the obvious disadvantage of wires. They can easily get entangled, and if you aren’t careful, can have a limited shelf life. However, they are easy to carry around, and you wouldn’t have to worry about losing them – in-ear headphones, for instance, can be lost easily.

That being said, they are more comfortable, and you wouldn’t have to worry about the battery juice running out – as can often be with the wireless headphones. They offer great quality as well, often better than the wireless headphones and you do not have to worry about the Bluetooth problem, making them a good choice.

wired and wireless headphones

Who uses wireless headphones and which kind?


Many professionals make use of the over-ear headphones but the kind of headphones they use differ on the purpose:

Gamers: Gamers usually make use of closed-end headphones as they need the concentration while playing games. The closed end headphones provide the isolation one needs and also prevent the leakage of any sound from the headphones. The same is applicable for the DJ as well, as they want to isolate from the crowd to be able to listen to and mix the music.


Musicians: Musicians usually opt for open-end headphones as they produce the natural sound one needs to be able to mix music properly. This allows them to work for hours and understand how a particular sound for working. Most sound studios also make use of open-end headphones.


Audio Technicians: Audio Technicians spend most of their time mixing music and rely on the most natural sound to be able to understand what works better. Thus, they opt for open-end over-ear headphones so that they are able to enjoy the clarity and mix sound better.



Wireless headphones Vs. The Wired Ones: Which One’s Better?


Wondering what’s the best choice of the two? We will take a look at what users like.

Over-ear headphones are the most commonly used headphones for their comfort value and sound quality. However, their professional use slightly differs on the basis of their types, i.e. closed end, open end, and semi open end. A pair of closed-end headphones can be an everyday pair whereas an open end can be of use for the people who love listening to music.

So, whats the best headphone to buy this year?


Who does not need a good pair of headphones as a company throughout the day?


Music can be a person’s best friend both in times of joy and grief. All of us have different tastes, likes, and dislikes, but the love of music is common. However, to enjoy music fully, we also need the perfect pair of headphones in our bags.


All throughout my life, I have struggled to find headphones that meet all my requirements and I suspect that I am not the only one. Being methodical in the search can help lessen the hassle, and so I have compiled this guide to help you.


Requirements That You Need to Know About

Best Headphones


To be successful in finding the best pair of headphones, you need the following:

  • A general idea of how you want your headphone to function: There are different styles and forms available, and you need to find out which of them suits your requirements with the help of adequate research.
  • A budget that will help you limit your options: Fix a price point that you do not want to cross to save yourself from future harassment. However, do not go too low or you might end up with headphones of very bad quality.
  • Reviews to consult: Read online customer reviews and ask your friends for their opinions on certain models.



Steps to Buy the Headphone You Need

Gaming Headphones

Make your entire headphone buying experience simpler. Just follow these simple tips and you would do great!


  • Choose Your Style:

You need to decide between earbuds and headphones as the first step. If you are looking for portability and compactness, then earbuds are the way to go. Expensive earbuds come with individual cases so that they can be protected from the daily grime and dust. However, cheaper earbuds can be uncomfortable to wear and have bad sound quality.

On the other hand, if you love the traditional form of headphones that you can wear around your neck or carry in a bag, then you have a lot of options to choose from. The market now has different types of headphones to suit different needs, so take your pick. Good headphones tend to be a little costlier than earbuds.


  • Check the headphones’ sound isolation:

The property of a headphone to keep the music in, and external sound out is what decides how good it is. You do not want to keep increasing the volume when you are travelling just to drown out the honking of other cars, and neither do you want other people to find out what you enjoy listening to in case you prefer a loud volume. Open headphones, while giving you excellent and natural sound quality, can pose these problems. A headphone or earbud with sound isolation technology will save your battery life and even your ears.

If you are opting for a headphone, choose between open-backed and closed-backed builds. Earbuds tend to be good at sound isolation.


  • Select a frequency range:

The wider the frequency range, the more undertones you can hear of the music. Anything between the values 10 Hz and 25,000 Hz will work fine. If you are into sound technology, then you should also check the sound curve, sound signature and frequency response curve of all the options you are considering.

Mid-range earphones have a U-shaped curve which means that you might not get the subtle nuances and layers of the music. Low-range ones are not worth the investment. If sound quality and depth is your first priority, then you should check out premium branded earphones or headphones from reputed brands that lie on the higher side of the price spectrum.


  • Decide between wireless and wired:

Wired headphones can often prove to be an inconvenience in case you love to travel while listening to music. The repeated tangling and detangling can result in the wires tearing soon. On the other hand, wireless headphones connect to your device through WiFi or Bluetooth and then stream the audio which may be unfavourable for some. You can either go for a high-end wireless headphone or tangle-free wires.


  • Test them out:

Most stores will let you try the earbuds or headphones when you are exploring their range. At the end of the day, all you need to ensure is that your ears have a melodious and pleasant experience. If you find that the sound quality of an expensive headphone and a cheap one are similar, then go for the latter.


wireless headphones


Having a good pair of headphones as your companion will help you improve your music experience. If you follow the above-mentioned steps, you will find that finding the best pair of headphones of the year is not that difficult a job. You just need to look for the ideal specs and quality.

I hope that you liked the article and found it helpful in your quest to find the pair of headphones you have been wanting. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section. You can also share the article among your friends and family!

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